White Label Marketplaces


White-label marketplaces

Altura allows you to create, customize and deploy an NFT marketplace with your domain in just 5 minutes, completely for free!
With white-label marketplaces, you can customize the favicon, name, domain, and specific collections to display.

Create a white-label marketplace

Visit the Altura developer portal, click on 'marketplaces', then click on 'new marketplace'. Afterwards you'll be prompted to name your new NFT marketplace, in this example we'll create a marketplace for the Hatchables
After creating your white-label marketplace, you'll be able to customize the favicon, name, domain and collections.
Your marketplace will default found at https://{slug} To set a custom domain, click on 'update custom domain' and type the root domain name, for example, '' or '' You will then be prompted to configure the DNS records with your domain provider to point to Altura's server.