👔Users & Authentication


All endpoints automatically work with every EVM-compatible address (0x...), and users do not need to register with Altura to hold NFTs.

There are many ways to authenticate users in your game. However, there are two primary ways to approach this; you may require the user to own their web3 wallet (like MetaMask) and to link their wallet to your game, or you may generate and self-host wallets for your users on the cloud.

If you go with user-owned wallets and your game is on the web, you can have the user connect their wallet as a normal dap, and Altura provides a connector API in the JavaScript SDK.

Altura also provides a powerful solution for authenticating users on any platform called Altura Guard, which you'll learn about in the next section.

Users can customize their profile (username, profile picture, bio, and social link) through the Altura marketplace; this metadata can be fetched and used in any application.

You may choose to use a user's Altura profile as their in-game profile, or you can choose to manage profiles on your own.

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