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Altura Guard

Altura guard is a system that allows you to verify the ownership of an EVM-compatible address in any application without needing any web3 code.

Altura guard is a way of authenticating users; however, you may use an alternative method if you choose to.

Using Altura Guard

  • A user inputs their wallet address in your application.

  • Your application should then prompt the user for their Altura Guard code from the Altura marketplace.

  • The user then visits the Altura marketplace, connects their wallet, and obtains their Altura Guard code from their profile page.

  • The user then inputs their Altura Guard code into your application.

  • Your application requests our system, passing in the user's address and Altura Guard Code.

  • Our system then checks if the code is valid for the user's address and returns a response to your application.

Altura Guard codes renew every 60 seconds.

Altura Guard API

Altura Guard in JavaScript

Altura Guard in Unity

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