๐Ÿช…Minting & Importing NFTs


Mint collections & NFTs from the create page in the Altura marketplace. To visit the create page, connect your wallet to the marketplace and click on the plus button in the nav bar.

Each NFT must belong to a collection, so you must first mint a collection. You may use a single collection to group all the NFTs for your game or make a different collection to represent different groups of items. For example, you may have a collection of melee weapons and another collection of firearm items.

When minting collections and items, you specify which chain you want to mint to based on the network you have selected from the drop-down menu in the nav bar.

Remember to disable 'verified only' in your wallet to view your unverified NFTs.

Importing Collection

The ability to import collections will be coming out in Q1 of 2023

Altura's platform supports collections minted outside of Altura. Importing your collection means all the NFTs within that collection can be integrated in-game using Altura's API or SDKs. Additionally, they will appear and be tradable on the Altura marketplace and importable into white-label marketplaces.

To import your collection, visit the create page on the Altura marketplace and select 'import collection.' When importing your collection, you have two options: migrate or sync.

Sync collection

Syncing your collection means the metadata will continue to be stored outside Altura, and Alturaโ€™s systems will periodically fetch and sync this metadata. Syncing your collection enables the imported collection to be compatible with Alturaโ€™s marketplace and integration tools. However, synced collections will not support the Smart NFT endpoints, which require you to migrate your collection instead. This is because the Smart NFT features require that the metadata be hosted on Alturaโ€™s platform.

Migrate collection

Migrating your collection means that Altura will fetch and store the NFTโ€™s metadata one time and require the contract owner to change the URI on the contract to point to Alturaโ€™s servers. This enables the imported collection to be compatible with Alturaโ€™s marketplace, the API & SDKs, and Smart NFT technology. Note that migrating your collection does not mean that it will be removed from other marketplaces; it just means that Altura is the host for the metadata.

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