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The Altura Marketplace

Altura's marketplace offers a user-friendly experience that gives players the ability to easily browse and purchase NFT collections within games and creators the stage to showcase their projects to an audience of 50,000 players, increasing the profile and reach of your project.
The Altura marketplace
The Altura marketplace was carefully designed to make it easy for all different types of gaming projects to be monetized on our platform.


Blockchain Support
The Altura Marketplace, like the rest of the Altura platform, supports seven different blockchains: Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Fantom, and Avalanche.
Seaport Contract
Altura leverages the Seaport marketplace contract, developed by OpenSea, which is the most secure & gas-efficient marketplace engine. It is, on average, 30% more gas efficient than other marketplace engines
Order-book system
NFTs, with a supply greater than 1 (ERC1155 only), can have multiple listings.
When listing an NFT, users can specify the currency, price & amount of the NFT they want to sell.
Offers system
Buyers can make an offer to buy an NFT at a specific price (and currency), and can set when their offer expires
Currencies: native-chain coin + stablecoins
Users can list their NFTs in the native coin of the chain (ETH, BNB, MATIC, FTM, AVAX) and stablecoins on that chain (USDC, USDT & BUSD (on BSC))
Notification system
Receive notifications when you sell an NFT (receiving notifications for when an NFT you own receives an offer coming soon).
Likes & views
Users can like NFTs and view their liked NFTs on their profile pages. You may also see how many likes and unique views an NFT has.
Dark & light mode
Toggle the entire design of the marketplace between light and dark via a single button
Detailed NFT product page & information
View an NFTs multiple images (if applicable), description, properties (shows a lock icon for static properties), unlockable content, price history chart, lowest price, sell orders, offers, creator, holders (and their balance), your balance, your listing count, sales royalty, max supply, circulating supply, holder count, total listings count, blockchain events
View an NFTs multiple images (public & owner-only)
When minting NFTs, users can upload multiple images and can enable these numerous images to be viewed by anyone or only by users who own the NFTs. Swipe through images via a carousel.
NFT Functionality
  • List, buy, offer and accept offers
  • Send NFTs to other users
  • Mint additional supply of an NFT (if max supply not reached)
  • Change the price of your listing without delisting
Unlockable content
When minting NFTs, you may add unlockable content: text owners of the NFT can only see.
Powerful user profile page
View and sort: the NFTs you own, the NFTs & collections you created, your listings, NFTs you liked, and your on-chain NFT activity. Also view your Altura Guard code & ALU balance
User profile customization
Customize your profile with a profile picture, name, bio & social link
Powerful on-chain activity viewing
  • Activity page: filter events collection(s) and by event type
  • View events for a particular NFT (NFT product page)
  • View events for a particular user (user page)
USD conversions and normalization
  • View the prices, listings, and offers of NFTs in USD and the actual currency
  • When sorting NFTs by price, it sorts by the USD price, regardless of the currency
  • USD prices are updated often
Powerful browsing, filtration & sorting systems
  • Filter NFTs by properties and all or for sale only.
  • Sort NFTs by date created, popularity, date listed, and price (ascending & descending for all)
  • Sort collections by date created, holder count, and volume across four-time frames (24h, 7d, 30d, all time)
  • Sort games by top games (sum of volume across collections) & release date
  • Browse games by categories (tags)
  • Dedicated pages to browse by games, collections, and NFTs
  • Browse NFTs for a specified collection (collection product page)
  • Browse NFTs by collections that belong to a specific game (game product page)
  • Powerful search system (search for collections, NFTs & users by name or address)
Developers can list their NFTs on the marketplace and receive royalties for each sale. Altura takes a 4% fee for each transaction on the marketplace.