Get Collections

Get many collections

Returns an array of collections
Example: get list of verified collections sorted by highest 1 month volume
"collections": [
"holders": 35,
"volume_1d": 0,
"volume_1w": 159.98863999999998,
"volume_30d": 3399.90816,
"volume_all": 3519.90816,
"address": "0x19f6765ef99f731aa356ddc5e148aebba8f718f2",
"name": "Metastrike INO",
"description": "The INO for the MetaStrike Genesis NFTs comes with six different options for players including four NFT boxes of Uncommon, Silver, Gold and Diamond rarities. In addition, there is an uncommon knife box which holds two NFT knives and the option to purchase a silver metal to upgrade your weapons! The weapons will be claimed at our marketplace to holders. Get your weapons now so you are ready to play and earn. some NFT guns provide an estimate ROI as high as $1200 per week!",
"genre": "Shooter",
"image": "",
"imageHash": "QmfRSzeAgM6XUyb6icB6ywvw8WTXjqNGDsbPWpDDnyKW7C",
"ownerAddress": "0x15df06dc9a4733a00040cbdc06b34dc53e67c8ff",
"slug": "metastrike-ino",
"uri": "",
"website": "",
"mintDate": "2022-04-08T12:21:03.872Z",
"imageUrl": "",
"chainId": 56
"holders": 68,
"volume_1d": 0,
"volume_1w": 766.2651000000001,
"volume_30d": 2002.8133,
"volume_all": 8522.3746,
"address": "0x576d19cd246241a48a307357b0efbfb1d8c393bf",
"name": "Meta Arcade",
"description": "Meta Arcade is an open block chain game ecosystem where anyone can earn money. A space shooter made for the future our nfts are ready to do Battle to save the galaxy choose your ship and join the fight.",
"genre": "Shooter",
"image": "",
"imageHash": "QmYmuYc3q3dhWpRKio6wZWSReJNoHkZKQQ3zkPqpL2tXg9",
"ownerAddress": "0x0af28f88dfea40df857206b81a16b834beb97f16",
"slug": "meta-arcade",
"uri": "",
"website": "",
"mintDate": "2021-12-16T17:02:30.652Z",
"chainId": 56,
"imageUrl": ""