💳The Developer Wallet

The developer wallet is a shared wallet between Altura and the developer. Every project has a developer wallet. You can manage your game's assets with the developer wallet, including transferring and minting new NFTs.

Transferring Assets

The developer wallet has three endpoints for transferring assets: transfer ERC1155, transfer ERC721, and transfer ERC20. These endpoints allow you to transfer assets held by the developer wallet to any other wallet.

Minting Additional Supply

The developer wallet also has an endpoint for minting an additional supply of NFTs. This endpoint only works on NFTs minted on Altura and only if the developer wallet itself minted the collection. This endpoint allows you to mint an additional supply of an NFT to any user until the maximum supply of that NFT is reached.

Gas Requirements

It's important to note that gas is required when using any of the specified endpoints, as those endpoints require a blockchain transaction. This means you must deposit gas into the developer wallet for the chain you wish to use.

Obtaining Your Developer Wallet

To access your developer wallet, visit the developer dashboard, click on your project and select the "Developer Wallet" tab from the left-hand side. From there, you can copy your developer wallet address and start using it to manage your game's assets.

How to add your developer wallet to MetaMask

You must have a MetaMask wallet before continuing

  1. Visit and log into the developer portal.

  2. Click the copy button in the private key section to copy your private key.

  3. Open MetaMask, click on your account picture in the top right, then click on import account.

  4. Paste your private key and click import.

You may mint your game's assets using the developer wallet via MetaMask, as the developer wallet is treated as a project member. Hence, its collections will be importable to a project.

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