Altura Guard II

Altura Guard II introduces social login and wallet connection features to enhance user experience and security in Web3 gaming. By utilising OpenLogin and Web3Auth's tech stack, our non-custodial social login system allows users to derive private keys from OAuth logins, whilst ensuring their private key remains secure and safe. Altura Guard II technology simplifies connections between users and games with a simple 5-word combination, offering seamless transactions, signatures and connection across any EVM chain.

Altura Guard II stands out with its wallet agnostic approach, providing users with the freedom to approve transactions using any wallet or social login. The goal is to establish a standard for gaming practices while eliminating unnecessary complications for users.

Social Login: Secure and Non-Custodial

Thanks to OpenLogin's verifier and Web3Auth's tech stack, we've managed to implement a non-custodial Social Login system. It enables users to derive a private key from OAuth logins (e.g., Google, Twitter) via node operators.

The user's private key is divided into shares using Shamir's Secret Sharing, split across the Web3Auth node network, and reconstructed upon successful login. The private key is assembled locally, and all transactions are signed locally as well. This ensures the user's private key isn't exposed to our servers or any third party. The user can take control of their keys at any time through the Altura Marketplace and use them with Metamask or any other wallet.

Altura Guard II: Logging into Games & Standardizing Web3 Gaming Transaction Signing

We're introducing our connection technology to streamline connections between users and games. Users can connect to games by entering a 5-word combination, like "grave-dig-happy-crisp-car." Altura Guard will then instantly connect to the users account and allow them to request transactions until the user or game revokes access.

The 5-word combination will refresh every 60 seconds to prevent any spamming of a user. There are about 28.3 quadrillion possible authentication codes which refresh every 60 seconds.

The words list is compiled with ease and security in mind. The words used are common, smaller english words which allow users to easily type it on whatever game they need rather than a random string of letters and numbers.

When connected, the game will not have access to anything but the users wallet address and the ability to suggest transactions. No transactions can be made without the users express signature on Altura Guard.

Our Altura Guard will simulate each transaction before allowing users to approve or reject, offering the highest level of security for our users when signing transactions. Users will know exactly what they're signing: approved tokens and NFTs, transferred tokens and NFTs, gas fees, balance changes, etc. This way, users won't unknowingly sign fraudulent transactions. It will also prevent any failed transactions to ensure the user doesn't lose out on gas fees because the game developer messed up a tx.

Wallet Agnostic: Hassle-Free User Experience

The real magic lies in our wallet agnostic approach. Users can approve transactions using social login, Metamask, Wallet Connect, Trust Wallet, or any other wallet they prefer. Our goal is to set a standard for gaming practices, not create additional hurdles for our users. Users can use Altura Guard in any and all games without having to switch their preferred wallet. To sum it up, Altura Guard II's integration of Social Login and wallet connection technology will make Web3 gaming more seamless, secure, and enjoyable for our users. The wallet agnostic approach ensures a hassle-free experience for everyone, regardless of their preferred wallet or social login.

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