Get Collection

Get a single collection by address

Returns a single collection


Takes a collection's address and returns that collection

Path Parameters




The collection's address

  "collection": {
    "address": "0x78e99615063da7c12c247e6bc01240da00df77ae",
    "name": "The Hatchables",
    "description": "The Hatchables Collection are the NFTs that drop from Altura's first-ever loot box. The Hatchables are Smart NFT Eggs that crack over time until hatching into their final unknown form. There are five different levels of rarity: legendary, super-rare, rare, uncommon, and common. After each crack, something special will occur for the holders of the Legendary and super-rare tier NFTs.",
    "genre": "Collectibles",
    "image": "",
    "imageHash": "QmSf9S4YJRjFGTomiQAXRNwgfn6XWsZX9v7CWnFZhMv2wK",
    "ownerAddress": "0xcaf45074fc329692995d812aeb099070c7fdee2b",
    "slug": "the-hatchables",
    "uri": "",
    "website": "",
    "mintDate": "2021-11-10T18:05:14.286Z",
    "chainId": 56,
    "holders": 2771,
    "volume_1d": 0,
    "volume_1w": 21.404910609999998,
    "volume_30d": 559.3055763599999,
    "volume_all": 174393.3654527347,
    "imageUrl": ""

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